extensions to local parts of mail addresses

Peter Sylvester <Peter.Sylvester@edelweb.fr> Wed, 06 August 1997 11:37 UTC

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Subject: extensions to local parts of mail addresses
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I wonder why nobody is coming up with the idea of a
more generalized way of extending mail addresses:

- It seems that for some purposes it is useful (on
  a global base) to associate additional information
  to an e-mail address. The example given is to
  add 'a subaddress'. 

- One might think about a general mechanism like for


  in order to associate different things to an address. 

- Examples: 

  To: "someone;reply=desired;receipttype=yes/none/negative"e@foo

- Of course this causes interoperability problems at several
  levels. (details left out as an exercise.) These need
  to be addressed, yes, that's part of the work to be done.