please don't feed the Dan

Joe Kelsey <> Fri, 08 August 1997 19:50 UTC

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I have to say that I completely disagree with Keith on this issue.

Dan has the most cogent, well-thought out sense of a problem of anyone I
have ever encountered on the net.  He has the ability to see through all
of the vagueness and unclear thinking that most users use when posting
messages and boil things down the the basics very quickly.

In this case he has correctly analyzed the broken proposal of Newman as
being an attempt to make the CMU/Innosoft subaddress scheme a global
requirement simply for the perceived benefit of one administrator who
doesn't want to support what user's really want to do.

I have never seen an issue where I disagreed with Dan.  He does tend to
assume that everyone can use the same completely logical thought
processes to arrive at his conclusions, so sometimes it takes people a
little longer to understand his positions.  Or, sometimes people refuse
to take the time to think an issue through and so they never understand
his conclusions, in which case a flame war erupts.  However, the
original source of the flames is always someone who through prejudice or
inability to use logic cannot understand his original position.