watch Moore squirm

"D. J. Bernstein" <> Fri, 08 August 1997 19:28 UTC

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Subject: watch Moore squirm
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It's always rather amusing to watch Keith Moore trying to defend the
standardization of inferior technology.

> with insults, inappropriate accusations, and misattributions.

Hmmm. Are you saying that you prefer ``Newman's inferior technology'' to
``Innosoft's inferior technology''?

> to change it from a discussion aimed at honing technical details

Unlike some people here, I never use general complaints as an excuse to
ignore specific engineering issues.

> Address the topic of discussion in your own language, 
> with a new Subject header, rather than responding to his diatribes on a 
> point-by-point basis.    

Translation: ``Please don't discuss the specific costs and benefits of
Newman's proposal. The IESG knows what is Right For The Internet, damn
it, and if we decide that we have to standardize an inferior proposal,
we don't want people to talk about how incompetent we were.''

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