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Subject: CFP for NOSSDAV97
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Enclosed please find a Call-for-Papers (CFP) for the 7th International
Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio
and Video to be held in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) from May 19-21,

Please feel free to circulate the CFP by any means you deem
appropriate.  Also, please excuse any multiple copies of this CFP you
may receive due to your memberships in multiple mailing lists.

Thanks and regards.


*                                                                            *
*                                NOSSDAV'97                                  *
*                                                                            *
*                              Call-for-Papers                               *
*                                                                            *
*                                                                            *
*      The 7th International Workshop on Network and Operating System        *
*             Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV 97)               *
*                                                                            *
*                URL:        *
*                                                                            *
*                            May 19 - 21 1997                                *
*                                                                            *
*                               Hosted by:                                   *
*                   The Applied Research Laboratory                          *
*                    Department of Computer Science                          *
*               Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri                 *
*                                                                            *
*                Sponsored by IEEE Communications Society                    *
*                In cooperation with ACM SIGCOMM and SIGMM                   *


The 7th International Workshop on Network and Operating Systems
Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV 97) is the international
workshop concerned with state of the art technology in networking and
operating system support for multimedia systems.  For seven years,
NOSSDAV has proven to be an outstanding forum for researchers involved
in building innovative multimedia systems, networks and applications
on both the research and industrial front. Other topics that will be
examined include "middleware" for multimedia, media toolkits, mobile
communications, Virtual Reality (VR), real-time systems, software
agents, digital libraries, and other digital media besides audio and

A key aspect of the workshop is that it provides extensive discussion
periods during which attendees can informally discuss their current
work and future research directions.  Traditionally, NOSSDAV has
emphasized on high quality experimental research that prototypes
systems to explore innovative solutions to the problems in the diverse
areas of multimedia computing. NOSSDAV97 will continue this tradition.

Relevant topics for the workshop include:

   * APIs and Continuous Media (CM) programming abstractions for
   * Cell-based system architectures
   * Communication protocols for multimedia
   * Distributed multimedia systems
   * End-to-end admission control
   * High-speed/ATM networks
   * Micro-kernel and OS support for real-time communications
   * Mobile multimedia systems
   * Multicast protocols and media scaling
   * Multimedia network interfaces
   * Multimedia-oriented desk, local and wide area networks
   * Multimedia and the Internet
   * Multimedia storage, server, and I/O architectures 
   * Quality of service and synchronization frameworks
   * Resource management and reservation in the OS and network
   * Software agents for multimedia systems
   * TV set-top device communication
   * VOD system architecture
   * VR systems
   * Workstation and PDA architectures for multimedia


Two types of submissions are solicited: position papers and research
papers.  For the purpose of paper review, position papers are
restricted to three single-spaced pages. Research papers are
restricted to an extended abstract no longer than five formatted
postscript pages. To complete your submission, please send the
following items by electronic mail to

(1) The research or position paper in POSTSCRIPT form.

(2) The title of the paper, a list of authors with complete contact
information in the form of email address and phone number, and an
abstract summarizing the paper in PLAIN TEXT.

Only if electronic submission is impossible, papers may be sent to the
following mailing address.

Dr. Gurudatta M. Parulkar
Washington University
Department of Computer Science
Applied Research Laboratory
Campus Box 1045
St. Louis, Missouri 63130

The paper abstracts will be circulated among the NOSSDAV97 program
committee members to solicit reviewers.

Please note that the proceedings of the workshop will be published as
a book by Springer-Verlag and the best papers will be forwarded to
selected journals for publication.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:            15 January 1997 (A FIRM DEADLINE)
Acceptance Notification:        15 March 1997
Final Paper Due:                15 April 1997 (A FIRM DEADLINE)
Workshop:                       19 - 21 May 1997

Program Chair

Dr. Gurudatta M. Parulkar
Director, Applied Research Lab
Department of Computer Science
Washington University, St. Louis MO. USA, TEL: (314) 935-7534

Local Arrangements Chair

John D. DeHart
Senior Research Associate, Applied Research Lab
Department of Computer Science
Washington University, St. Louis MO. USA, TEL: (314) 935-7534

Other Correspondance: TEL: (314) 935-7534

Program Committee

Andrew T. Campbell, Columbia University

Domenico Ferrari, Universita` Cattolica, Italy
Kevin Jeffay, Univ of North Carolina
Mike Jones, Microsoft, Inc.
Chuck Kalmanek, AT&T Research
S. Keshav, Cornell University
Jim Kurose, University of Masachusetts
Monica Lam, Stanford University
Ian Leslie, Cambridge University, UK
Tom Little, Boston University
Derek McAuley, University of Glasgow, UK
Steve McCanne, Univ of California, Berkeley
A. Desai Narasimhalu, National University of Singapore
Gerald Neufeld, Univ of British Columbia, Canada
Duane Northcutt, Sun Microsystems 
Joe Pasquale, Univ of California, San Diego
Bernhard Plattner, ETH, Zurich
Steve Pink, SICS, Sweden
P Venkat Rangan, Univ of California, San Diego
KK Ramakrishnan, AT&T Research 
Henning Schulzrinne, Columbia University 
Brian Smith, Cornell University 
Doug Shepherd, University of Lancaster, UK
Ralf Steinmetz, University of Darmstadt, Germany
James Sterbenz, GTE 
Dan Swinehart, Xerox PARC
Harrick Vin, Univ of Texas, Austin
Raj Yavatkar, Intel
Radu Popescue-Zeletin, GMD FOKUS, Germany
Hui Zhang, CMU

Publicity Chair

Milind M. Buddhikot
Graduate Research Assistant 
Department of Computer Science
Washington University, St. Louis MO, USA TELE (314) 935 4302

Publications Chair

Vykky A. Klingenberg
Technical Assistant, Applied Research Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
Washington University, St. Louis MO, USA TELE (314) 935 7534

As is traditional, the workshop will take place at an elite resort,
away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Innsbrook Estates
Executive Conference Center is located on 3,200 acres of the most
gorgeous rolling Missouri woodland, dotted by crystal clear lakes.
For accommodations, there are 1, 2, and 3-bedroom condominiums which
are fully equipped with living and dining areas, fireplaces, cable
television and kitchens to offer conferees all the comforts of home in
a lakeside or wooded hideaway. You want to relax after a day of
lectures?  There is an eighteen hole golf-course, a junior-olympic
swimming pool, lighted tennis courts, mini-fitness center with a sauna
and hot tub, softball, volleyball, horseback riding, miniature golf
course, fishing, lake swimming, canoeing, and sailing, just to name a
few of the amenities.  A relaxing excursion to a scenic location away
from the conference site is also being planned.