Q: modifying a varible in atmTrafficDescrGroup

Sherry Yang <yangs@nortel.ca> Wed, 02 April 1997 02:36 UTC

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I am new to the group. If this question has been asked before please 
accept my apology. A kind point to where I can find answers would
be greatly appreciated.

I have a question regarding to modifying a variable in

It seems to me that rfc1695 does not put limitation on modifying
a variable in atmTrafficDescrGroup. However, I'd like to know if
that's feasible. What impact will be to the users of the 

In two scenarios:

1. An AtmTrafficDescrParamEntry nobody is using:
   It seems no impact for changing the variables.
2. An AtmTrafficDescrParamEntry is referred by one or more other
   What happens or should happen when the variables in the entry is

Is there a standard or acceptable way in the industry today for handling
the situations?

Thanks for your help.

Sherry Yang
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2305 Mission College Blvd,
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