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Thought this might be of interest to some of of you.  Apologies if you
receive duplicate copies.



<excerpt>Announcing the availability of:


</italic>Telecommunication Systems Special issue on SATELLITE

Editor: Eric A. Bobinsky, Terasphere



LEO/MEO systems - Global mobile communications systems (Gavish)

Network management for mobile satellite systems (Leung)

The impact of intersatellite communication links on LEOS performance

Burst assignment for generalized satellite-switched TDMA networks 

One scheduling variable length broadcasts in wireless networks
(Bonuccelli, Leonardi)

The impact of beam forming on the performance of an on-board output
buffer (Chu)

Stability and throughput analysis of unlotted TDMA-ALOHA with finit
number of users

      and code sharing (Kumar, Patil)

Delay bounds for packet satellite protocols (Wong, Yum)

Simulation of deep-space network traffice under various loading
conditions (Lo)

Optimal diversity combining under correlated noise in mobile radio


A C/I advantageous satellite system configuration for land mobile

     (Russ, d'Ippolito, Ferrarotti, Ruggieri)


Telecommunication Systems: Modeling, Analysis Design and Management, Vol.
8 (1997) Nos.2-4

ISSN 1018 4864

Published December, 1997

J.C. Baltzer, AG

Science Publishers

P.O. Box 221 1400

AE Bussum

The Netherlands



Eric Bobinsky

Terasphere Corp.

Telephone (440) 243-2992                343 W. Bagley Road, Suite 405

Facsimile/Telecopie (440) 243-2934      Post Office Box 10

International +1 440 243 2992/2934      Berea, Ohio  44017                     USA