CFP: Multimedia Issue for the Journal of Telecommunication Systems

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Subject: CFP: Multimedia Issue for the Journal of Telecommunication Systems
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Multimedia systems and applications have attracted significant
attention during the last few years. The ability to deliver
audio and video to end-users, in addition to data, has created
possibilities which will revolutionize industries ranging from
education and advertising, with applications such as digital
libraries, distant learning, expert advice and real-time video
clip playback, to tele-collaboration, electronic commerce and
entertainment, with such applications as video-conferencing,
telecommuting, video-on-demand, etc.

These expectations, which originate from the marketplace, have
triggered a significant amount of research and development of
multimedia systems during the last decade. The success of these
efforts is due to the dramatic improvements in several fronts:
technology, processing systems, operating systems, and high-speed
networking. These advances have brought us to a new era where
practical systems are designed and dispatched in the marketplace.

The Journal of Telecommunication Systems is planning a special
issue on multimedia to address this emerging technology. The
issue will address all issues of multimedia systems with special
focus on issues related to networking and telecommunication
systems. Papers are solicited for this issue in the following
areas (but not limited to):

 - Multimedia information processing (compression/decompression)
 - Multimedia storage and retrieval
 - Network issues (QoS, protocols, performance/modeling, etc)
 - Telecommunication systems requirements for multimedia
 - Telecommunication systems architecture and implementation
 - Security issues
 - End-to-end multimedia system architecture
 - Multimedia applications and application design

Please submit 4 copies of your manuscript to either of the Guest Editors:

Dimitrios Serpanos				     Chatschik Bisdikian
Institute of Computer Science			     IBM Research
Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas	     T.J. Watson Research Ctr.
Science and Technology Park of Crete		     30 Saw Mill River Rd.
P.O. Box 1385 (optional for express mail)	     M/S H2-C24
GR-71110 Heraklion				     Hawthorne, NY 10532
Greece						     USA

Tel: +30-81-39 16 63				     +1-914-784 7439
Fax: +30-81-39 16 01				     +1-914-784 6219

Intention to submit:	 ASAP
Manuscript submission:	 April 15, 1997
Acceptance notification: August 31, 1997
Final manuscript due:	 October 31, 1997