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Buy direct-save, do-it-yourself upgrades

Hardware*Memory*Complete Systems

Some Low Price Configurations:

5x86/133 AMD CPU
256K Cache
16MB Ram Memory
1.33 GB Hard Drive
1.44 Floppy Drive
1MB PCI SVGA Video Card
14" SVGA Monitor
28.8 Hayes Modem
104 Win95 Keyboard (has a nice touch to it)
3 Button Mouse (very useful for windows applications)

This system goes for $1184

System Upgrade Special (no Monitor)

5x86/133 AMD CPU
256K Cache
8MB Memory
850MB Hard Drive
1.44 Floppy
Mini Tower Case
104 Key Win95 Keyboard
3 Button Mouse

The price for this system is $600

Both of these systems use AMI BIOS
Prices of these systems may vary depending on the availability- 
Prices good for 8/96
Feel free to e-mail me for other custom configurations.
Cat's Paw Computers
Email- ed.catspaw@juno.com

(If you do not wish any further e-mail sent to this address
just send me a quick note back- thanks)