Re: Send FAX from your country to USA for US$0.075!!

Atanu Ghosh <> Thu, 15 August 1996 07:19 UTC

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Subject: Re: Send FAX from your country to USA for US$0.075!!
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From: Atanu Ghosh <>
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I don't usually respond to spams, but, I thought that some people may
not be aware of the remote printing service experiment which has been
running for some years. 



As far as I can tell the two many differences between the two services:

1) The remote printing service is free to most parts of the world
(excluding, Internet connection costs of course).

2) The remote printing service does not accept faxes as input. The
remote printing service is only email to fax.


>>>>> "Dorisn" == Dorisn  <> writes:

    Dorisn> SEND FAX from your country to USA for US$0.075!!!

    Dorisn> Dear friends:

    Dorisn> We are very excited to tell you the CHEAPEST way to send fax to
    Dorisn> anywhere in the world. You can send faxes right from your desktop, from
    Dorisn> your email. You don't even need fax machine to send faxes. 

    Dorisn> Just take a look of the international fax rates below, and you will
    Dorisn> know why we are so excited to share the news with you.

    Dorisn> No matter where you are at, the rates are the same. 
    Dorisn> Sending faxes from your country to the following countries:
    Dorisn> ----------------------------------------------------
    Dorisn>   To Country		     Rates per minute
    Dorisn> ----------------------------------------------------
    Dorisn>   USA				US$0.15
    Dorisn>   Canada			US$0.28
    Dorisn>   United Kingdom		US$0.33
    Dorisn>   Germany/France		US$0.43
    Dorisn>   Australia			US$0.51
    Dorisn>   Japan				US$0.51
    Dorisn>   Columbia			US$0.60
    Dorisn>   Hong Kong			US$0.54
    Dorisn>   Taiwan			US$0.55
    Dorisn> ----------------------------------------------------

    Dorisn> Remember that a typical one page will be sent in less than one 
    Dorisn> minute. For example, if your one page fax to the USA goes through 
    Dorisn> within 30 seconds, then you pay as low as US$0.075 for a one page
    Dorisn> fax to the USA!

    Dorisn> Better yet, you don't need a fax machine. You send the fax from your
    Dorisn> Internet email account. It is called "email-to-fax", and the service
    Dorisn> is offered by "ITSG, Inc."

    Dorisn> How to sign up? Simple. Just fill out the on-line Order Form.
    Dorisn> (

    Dorisn> Interested in being an Agent too? Check out their web site.
    Dorisn> ----------------------------------------------------------------
    Dorisn> You can check out their web site --
    Dorisn> (They also offer "fax-to-fax via Internet" service)
    Dorisn> For free infomation -- send a blank email to ""
    Dorisn> ----------------------------------------------------------------

    Dorisn> If you like to order, just fill out the order form. Please fill in
    Dorisn> "10015" in the "agent" field of the order form.

    Dorisn> Thank you.

    Dorisn> Regards,

    Dorisn> Doris Newman