Re: A connection-based Internet?

Masataka Ohta <> Wed, 25 December 1996 06:08 UTC

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Subject: Re: A connection-based Internet?
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>   greg> Thus, basing things on what we currently know is by no means 
>   greg> a stupid thing to do.  
>   greg> On the other hand, trying something new, and getting 
>   greg> experience with it, is also a very good idea; it's 
>   greg> just that you shouldn't expect people to "salute" 
>   greg> because of a closed form proof -- working code is much more 
>   greg> persuasive!
> running and working code gives us the important feedback to 
> the next code to fix the problem of old code. 
> We believe that the experiences through the actually operating 
> system is very important and is also the greate feedback to the 
> mailing-list. 

In good old days when not so much effort was spent for the
implementation of Internet protocols, the running code principle
was working to prevent developing unnecessary protocols and make
developed protocols simple.

Today, with so much investment on the Internet, the running code
principle is hardly working any more.

People says "it's too late to change spec", even before a protocol
becomes a PS.

							Masataka Ohta