Re: Comparing an old flow snapshot with some packet size data

"Dorian R. Kim" <> Tue, 06 August 1996 04:34 UTC

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Subject: Re: Comparing an old flow snapshot with some packet size data
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On Mon, 5 Aug 1996, Kent W. England wrote:

> Back in January, Sean Doran and Dorian Kim posted some cisco IP flow stats
> to this list. I haven't seen any since, but my big-internet mail delivery
> seems spotty so I may have missed some messages. I'd be interested in seeing
> some more flow stats, if Sean or Dorian or anyone has been collecting more
> data.  Sean or Dorian, would you care to post some more flow stats?

I have some stats that were collected by OSU off our router. I would need to
get clearance from OSU to post that. 

I'm waiting for installation of an ultrasparc with lots of disc before I can
go back to doing anything real with flow data. There is also a question as to
where I can do what I'm doing with various Cisco bits and have flow info at
the same time.

Nevil Brownlee from NZ and Mark Fullmer from OSU are also doing some analysis
with this data. I however don't think they've gotten very far yet.. I gather
that things that pays their bills are taking
majority of their time. ;)