[Bridge-mib] VLAN-ID

"Wijnen, Bert (Bert)" <bwijnen@lucent.com> Wed, 19 February 2003 15:12 UTC

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I do not see much (if any activity lately) :-(

But I have a question.

I see a VLAN ID represented in various forms:

- draft-ietf-bridge-ext-v2-01.txt
       STATUS      current
       DESCRIPTION "A 12-bit VLAN ID used in the VLAN Tag header."
       SYNTAX      INTEGER (1..4094)
- somehwere I found:
    dot1vProtocolPortGroupVid OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX      INTEGER (1..4094)
       MAX-ACCESS  read-create
       STATUS      current
       DESCRIPTION "The VID associated with a group of protocols for
                    each port."
       REFERENCE   "IEEE 802.1v clause 8.4.4,"

- In a DOCSIS document I find:
    docsQosPktClassVlanId OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX          Integer32 (0..4095)
       MAX-ACCESS      read-only
       STATUS          current

- In the framework PIB (draft-ietf-rap-frameworkpib-09.txt) I find:

  frwk802FilterVlanId OBJECT-TYPE
      SYNTAX         Integer32 (-1 | 1..4094)
      STATUS         current
          "The VLAN ID (VID) that uniquely identifies a VLAN
          within the device. This VLAN may be known or unknown
          (i.e., traffic associated with this VID has not yet
          been seen by the device) at the time this entry
          is instantiated.

          Setting the frwk802FilterVlanId object to -1 indicates that
          VLAN data should not be considered during traffic

- In rfc2613 I find:
   smonVlanIdStatsId OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX     Integer32 (1..4094)
    MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
    STATUS     current
        "The unique identifier of the VLAN monitored for
         this specific statistics collection.

        Tagged packets match the VID for the range between 1 and 4094.
        An external RMON probe MAY detect VID=0 on an Inter Switch
        Link, in which case the packet belongs to a VLAN determined by
        the PVID of the ingress port. The VLAN to which such a packet
        belongs can be determined only by a RMON probe internal to the
        "Draft Standard for Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks,
          P802.1Q/D10, chapter 3.13"

- In RFC2674 I find:
    STATUS      current
        "A value used to index per-VLAN tables: values of 0 and
        4095 are not permitted; if the value is between 1 and
        4094 inclusive, it represents an IEEE 802.1Q VLAN-ID with
        global scope within a given bridged domain (see VlanId
        textual convention).  If the value is greater than 4095
        then it represents a VLAN with scope local to the
        particular agent, i.e. one without a global VLAN-ID
        assigned to it. Such VLANs are outside the scope of
        IEEE 802.1Q but it is convenient to be able to manage them
        in the same way using this MIB."
    SYNTAX      Unsigned32

- IN RFC2674 I also find
      STATUS      current
          "A 12-bit VLAN ID used in the VLAN Tag header."
      SYNTAX      INTEGER (1..4094)

Not sure I found all occurances.

So my question is: what is the CORRECT spec, and could we try
to define one (or a few)  TC(s) that everyone else can IMPORT
and use.

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