[Bridge-mib] Re: VLAn ID

"Tom Petch" <nwnetworks@dial.pipex.com> Thu, 27 February 2003 19:23 UTC

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I agree
 - clunky to overload the field, a separate flag is more elegant
- should be unsigned not signed
Tom Petch

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From: Andrew Smith <ah_smith@acm.org>
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Date: 27 February 2003 18:00
Subject: RE: VLAn ID

>The whole point of defining these TCs in a separate document is to
>"possible future (yet-undefined) needs" - why else would we bother to
>break them out in a separate document or module?
>The need to use VlanIdOrAny as an index in the future seems likely to
>me. It is especially likely if you believe that we're trying to set a
>precedent here for how to represent "some sort of packet field or
>don't-care". Personally, I think it's a bit clunky to overload the
>like this - a separate flag object is more elegant, but, if we're
>comfortable with the overloading, I'd go with Randy and say (as I did
>before - maybe you missed my message?) that the syntax here should be
>unsigned, not signed (I understand the practical reasons for the
>non-negative-index restriction in SNMP but it is a limitation on the
>SMIv2 language). I don't think there's a need to consult with IEEE
>on this - I think most of the people with relevant opinions on this
>already on this thread - but that's the bridge-mib WG chair's call if
>wants to ask himself for help.
>My opinions (I know you're looking for others though ...).
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>To: Randy Presuhn (E-mail)
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>Subject: VLAn ID
>Randy, you wrote:
>>To:   bridge-mib@ietf.org
>>cc:   mibs@ops.ietf.org (Les Bell/GB/3Com)
>>Subject:  Re: [Bridge-mib] VLAN-ID
>>Hi -
>>I think it would be better if the "any" value in the *OrAny TC were
>>a non-negative value so that the type could be used to define an
>>index.  There may not be a need today, but thinking ahead to
>>representing policy-like things wouldn't hurt.
>As far as I can tell, you seem to be the only one sofar who
>has spoken up on the idea of not having a negative value
>for the "any" for the VlanIdOrAny TC that I proposed.
>You do not claim an immediate need, but a possible future
>(yet-undefined) need.

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