Tuesday.CRSVF.and strikes Mattes

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Hello Tamara,

I hope this is your email. I received some inside information from Garry Lompard (General Instruments INC). Buy CRSVF.

CRSVF is going to explode. Don't tell anybody about this opportunity.

Alert: Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ticker: CRSVF
Current Price:  $0.25
Target Price:   $2.42	
Recommendation: STRONG-BUY

Buy: "STRONG" 

Expectations: Max 

When this Stock moves - WATCH OUT! This is your chance to get in 
the low.  Out CRSVF on your 
radar's now and reap the benefits early. 

John, you can also look the latest news for CRSVF. Don't invest more
 then 100000$ at once. Better invest 10000$ each  trading day. After first day you will see a significant increasement of the stock price and volume.

Don't waste that opportunity. Make a right decision now. I can spell the stock symbol for you. C R S V F

Waiting for your response

Bob Gillahan