Enjoy your life now!

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President Bush continues to row upstream in Iraq, even though the current seems to pick up speed every minute. In fact, he seems to be rowing up Niagara Falls. But he just keeps on going, despite the fact the majority of Americans are standing on the venerable Niagara tour boat, The Maid of the Mist, and calling out to him to quit already. What are children or grandchildren going to remember years from now about spending a little time with you around the holiday season? Will it be the "fight for the furry, red doll that you tickle?" (You know the one!), the mad dash around the stores, trying to affordably fit everyone in? In some cases, this is fine. Just make sure that they are not the "only" memories they have! As with photos, scrapbooks are keepers of precious moments that you want to always be able bring back. Scrapbooks just do it in a much more meaningful way than the simple pictures within. The moments that you have captured in pictures are deeply embedded in every page, note, caption, and journal in your scrapbook. Your creativity brings the precious moments in the scrapbook back time and time again. 
Your past does not determine your financial fortune. It can definitely provide you with clues about areas that are obstacles for you, but then you can seek a solution. Learn from the past about what works well, too. But you do have a choice in every moment to change your future. I taught my 17 year old dog to stay off the new couch (she's been a couch sleeper her whole life) in a week. You can surely create new habits around prosperity. Passion parties...sort of like Tupperware parties for the bedroom....have become increasingly popular over the last few years. It's what some women do on girl's night out. It is also a side income for many people. Law-abiding folks engage in this, much the same way as folks bet on office pools. Yet, like betting, it can turn the average citizen into a criminal. And...lawmakers...it's offensive to me....the average citizen....to have my words this closely monitored by you. When I'm selling a taxed, non-lethal product to a person aged 18 or older, it shouldn't matter how I explain it's uses. Geez, what's so criminal about helping a couple have a good time? Bonnie and Clyde never used a vibrator to rob a bank
I live in Georgia where I supplement my income through selling lingerie and a few "novelty" items. I see nothing wrong with selling sexual toys, and I hope that statement is still considered lawful. However, I see that it's in my best interests legally to instruct women on alternative ways to use my products. Today, it seems that power is where it's at, even when it comes to basic tools. The greatest advantage to using a power saw is the cleanliness of the cut. A hand saw, no matter how skilled the craftsman is, still leaves the cut wood a bit more ragged than a power saw. And with the rising popularity of all power tools, there is not a significant cost difference between a manual miter saw and a basic power miter saw.