IPng ADs request

Scott Bradner <sob@hsdndev.harvard.edu> Sun, 26 June 1994 14:59 UTC

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Subject: IPng ADs request

A question much like this one went to the SIPP list last week but
due to the pressures of too much travel etc we forgot to send it to
the other relevant lists.  Sorry for the confusion.


        Picking up on something that Noel mentioned in a posting a while 
back, we would like to request that a particular issue be discussed.

        One thing that seems to have been missing in the recent extensive
discussions about address size options is a understanding of
whether the transport level 'name'  should be the same as the internetwork
level 'name', as they are with the current IPv4 "address",  or be different
in some way.

	In IPv4 the transport name is:
		<src port, src IPaddress, dst port, dst IP address>
	The question referrs to the two IP address fields.

        Different people seem to often be making different assumptions
about the answer to this question in recent notes, with the result that a
lot of the discussion was not as productive as it could have been, due to
inconsistant terminology.

        If it is possible to reach consensus on this issue, it will almost
certainly make it easier to reach consensus on some of the other open
issues regarding "addresses".

        Note that it is not necessary to assume that the names in question
are either fixed or variable length. Obviously, whether you have one or two
is related to the details of what each would look like, but it should be
possible to consider this without getting diverted by the contentious issue
of fixed/variable.

        Please address the following questions:

1/ are the transport and internetwork level names the same thing?

2/ if not, are they totally different or is the transport level name
        part of the internetwork level name?

Scott & Allison