IPv7 IPR serial 0001

ULLMANN@PROCESS.COM (Robert L Ullmann) Thu, 06 May 1993 20:26 UTC

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Subject: IPv7 IPR serial 0001
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IPv7 Interoperability problem report, serial 0001:

Open date:		April 28, 1993

Reported by:		Al Costanzo/Kean College <Al@Turbo.Kean.EDU>

OS/Platform:		Prime 50-Series TCP/IP (version 3.0 "beta" IPv4)

Severity:		Connection failure. Logged/recorded, no side

Problem description:	Datagrams with unknown options (e.g. IPv7AE option)
			are discarded. Does not interoperate with hybrid
			or IPv7 hosts when AE option used.

Reference:		RFC791 sect 3.2, RFC1122

Vendor ticket:		(none)

Ticket date:		May 5, 1993 (reported)

Fixed in revision:	TCP/IP 3.0 FCS 

Fix date:		May 6, 1993

Fix description:	IP option processing code corrected to silently
			ignore unknown options, per RFC1122

Status:			closed, per report initiator