A SIPP system discovery question

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Subject: A SIPP system discovery question
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 I have a query on the system discovery draft that maybe Bill Simpson
or others could answer.

 Since solicitation messages do not contain a lifetime, what sort of
lifetime should be attached to the Media-Access extension contained
in these messages ?

 Section 2.1.4. implies that the Media-Access extension in the
solicitation packets should be used to update the end-node cache
to avoid another solicitation/advertisement exchange. If this
is the case (and I think that it should be), should the solicitation
messages contain all of the information and extensions that an
advertisement has (such as a lifetime), rather than just the 
Media-Access extension ?

 And if this could then the case, do the solicitation/advertisement
messages essentially become the same, with the only difference 
being that one contains a multicast destination while the other
contains a unicast destination (with router messages being a 
slightly special case) ?