IPng Address Autoconfiguration Mailing List

Dave Katz <dkatz@cisco.com> Sat, 06 August 1994 21:33 UTC

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Subject: IPng Address Autoconfiguration Mailing List

Apologies in advance for the cross-posting.

Following the Address Autoconfiguration BOF at the recent IETF meeting
in Toronto, a mailing list has been established in anticipation of
the formation of an IETF working group.  The anticipated scope of this
group will be to specify a dynamic network address administration
architecture and protocol for IPv6.

The mailing list is:

The request list is:

Those of you who attended the BOF in Toronto and *did not* receive a
"welcome" message on the mailing list, please send a message to the
request list above.  I was unable to read all of the email addresses
on the attendance list (and deleted several addresses that I thought
I could read, but that generated mail bounces).

-- Dave Katz (dkatz@cisco.com) 
   Sue Thomson (set@thumper.bellcore.com)