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I understand the conventional wisdom that you are offering.  However, 
authenticated encryption (using a single key) has been an area of recent 
research.  IAPM, OCB, and CCM are approaches.

Jakob Jonsson from RSA Labs has done a security proof of CCM.  While the 
proceedings are not out yet, his paper was accepted at SAC.  The peer 
reviewer did not find any problems, and I look forward to the broader 
review once the paper is readily available.


At 03:52 AM 8/16/2002 +1000, Greg Rose wrote:
>Doing the authentication and the encryption with the same key is bad 
>practice. You should take the input key, and derive from it two 
>subordinate keys, which are independent of each other as far as an outside 
>attacker can tell, then use one of them for the counter mode encryption, 
>the other for the CBC-MAC.
>At 10:55 AM 8/15/2002 -0400, Housley, Russ wrote:
>>Dear CFRG:
>>I would like to draw your attention to this document.  It contains a 
>>specification for an authenticated encryption mode.  It was designed fro 
>>use with AES, but, of course, it will work with any 128-bit block cipher.
>>The authors have submitted it to NIST for consideration as a FIPS 
>>mode.  You can learn more about CCM and the other proposed modes at the 
>>NIST web site ( see ).
>>IEEE 802.11 has chosen to make CCM the mandatory to implement AES mode 
>>for wireless LAN encryption. IEEE 802.15 has also chosen CCM for use with 
>>personal area networks.  In my opinion, this success is due to the lack 
>>of a patent (or pending patent from the authors) on CCM.  I suspect that 
>>most of the members of this list are aware that other candidate 
>>authenticated encryption modes are encumbered.
>>It is my intention to publish draft-housley-ccm-mode-00.txt as an 
>>Informational RFC.  This looks like the appropriate group to review the 
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