Document or topic Status Expected next step Priority Last Update Notes
draft-irtf-cfrg-chacha20-poly1305-03 Awaiting one IRSG review before starting IRSG poll regarding document publication Expecting review from Olivier Festor Medium Since November 25th 2014
draft-irtf-cfrg-dragonfly-05 Awaiting for the editor to update the document Editor to update the document with disclaimer about level of consensus and concerns about the document (lack of formal proof) Low Since December 7th 2014
draft-ladd-spake2 Started acceptance call on the document Chairs to check results of the acceptance call on January 4th Low December 14th 2014
“PAKE requirements” - new draft to be written Jörn-Marc Schmidt and Dan Harkins to co-edit the document on PAKE requirements. New draft to be posted Low Since December 7th 2014 Editors haven't acknowledged my last email, but agreed to work on the document privately
draft-mcgrew-hash-sigs-02 (Hash-Based Signatures) Waiting for a new revision posted as draft-irtf-cfrg-* Editors to post a new version Low Since October 10th 2014 Some suggestions on the mailing list proposing other approaches. Acceptance of this document doesn't prevent other approaches from being discussed and even integrated into the document
EC recommendations for IETF Chairs feel that there is no strong reason to prefer one curve over another, so chairs are trying to reach rough consensus to get CFRG out of the deadlock. Chairs have multiple discussions with editors of draft-black-rpgecc-01.txt, proponents or other approaches, IETF and IRTF management. Some private discussions on getting performance numbers for different curves with interested parties. Stay tuned.
High December 23rd 2014