New MIB Drafts

Bob Stewart <> Sun, 20 March 1994 02:36 UTC

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From: Bob Stewart <>
Subject: New MIB Drafts

The MIB drafts filling your mailboxes reflect the few comments I got, mostly
minor edits.  The major edit responds to the NM Directorate review and an
attempt to get an ifType for 'character'.  The Directorate decided that the
Character MIB is not a proper candidate for the ifTable, since it isn't a
network interface.  I modified the MIB accordingly, reinstating the deprecated
objects and making the charPortIndex its own space that might parallel the
ifIndexes of its RS-232 ports.  I added an object for the ifIndex of lower
level hardware, assuming that any lower level hardware can be wiggled into the
ifTable (parallel made it).

I believe these will represent our final drafts, unless I made more mistakes.