Chassis MIB comments

Chris Chiotasso <> Thu, 10 June 1993 20:55 UTC

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From: Chris Chiotasso <>
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Subject: Chassis MIB comments

I have recently reviewed the chassis mib and have a couple of

1.  There seems to be 2 entity/module/resource mapping tables:
    chasPhyResourceTable and chasLogResourceTable.

    Should the chasPhyResourceTable provide mapping information or
    just provide a list of all resources in the chassis?  I suggest
    that the mapping should be done by the chasLogResourceTable and
    that chasPhyResourceEntry be a flat list of resources as follows:

              chasPhyResourceEntry  OBJECT-TYPE
              SYNTAX  ChasPhyResourceEntry
              ACCESS  read-only
              STATUS  mandatory
                      "Defines a particular resource."
              INDEX { chasPhyResIndex }
              ::= { chasResourceTable 1 }

          ChasPhyResourceEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
                  OBJECT IDENTIFIER

2.  If the chasLogResourceTable consisted of 4 indices:
    chasLogResourceEntityIndex, chasLogResourceModuleTypeIndex,
    chasLogResourceModuleLocation and chasLogResourceResourceIndex,
    the table would provide a many-to-many mapping for
    resource/module/entity mapping.

3.  If the access profile information was removed from the
    chasLogResourceTable into a view table, it would allow more than 1
    view to be defined for each mapping.