Re: Integral management agents in a chassis. (Dan Romascanu) Thu, 31 December 1992 13:27 UTC

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From: (Dan Romascanu)
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Subject: Re: Integral management agents in a chassis.


How would a chassis with a built-in management agent be represented in
the chasSlotTable?  It has no slot number.

Slot number '0' can't be used since a table can't be indexed by zero.
Making is slot number '1' is misleading to users since the actual slot
numbers printed on the chassis are 1-8.

Slot number 'chasNumSlots + 1' could be used.  For example, in an 8 slot
hub the management agent would be said to occupy slot 9.  This isn't very
pretty either.

Any suggestions?

One possible solution would be to leave chasEnvironIndex the only index in
the table and to define chasSensorSlot as an INTEGER which describes the slot
in which the sensor is placed. Value '0' would then be legal to use for a
built-in management agent, as in David's proposal.
Dan Romascanu, LANNET Data Communications Ltd., 972-3-6458414