Chassis MIB proposal

{3COM/PDD/PeteW} Tue, 04 January 1994 10:01 UTC

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Subject: Chassis MIB proposal
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From: Wilson, Peter
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Subject:  Chassis MIB proposal
Date: 1994-01-04 09:34
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I already updated my chassis MIB proposal last October and sent it to the 
chassis MIB mailing list. There was very little (no) interest at that point 
although activity in most other management related working groups had died 
down. There is a real need for a chassis MIB, but the problem is complex and 
I'm not convinced there is a will to find a solution at this stage. I'll 
resend my complete proposal to the chassis MIB mailing list (it might end up 
UUENCODED due to our Microsoft Mail gateway!)