Re: Chassis MIB Proposal Sun, 16 August 1992 09:28 UTC

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Subject: Re: Chassis MIB Proposal

Shalom Pablo,

> (Dan Romascanu) writes:
>> b. In the previous proposal repeater and concentrator were separated.
>> I think it is more correct. I hardly can see why an FDDI concentrator
>> should be described as a repeater.

> The correction was made because dividing into repeater and concentrator
> would be very confusing, the FDDI case is obvious but where would you
> put a Token Ring MAU, it is of course a concentrator, but I guess it will
> be hard to explain your customers that what they thought it was 
> a multiport Token Ring Repeater is not a repeater any more but a 
> concentrator.
I had in mind exactly the same example. Token Ring MAU is a concentrator 
but not necessarely a repeater. If you have passive (non-regenerative)
ports on your cards, you only have a concentrator and not a repeater.
> Now how would you define an Ethernet HUB?, it is in fact a repeater,
> but it's much like a MAU than a regular repeater, etc, etc....

Both. So chasEntityFunction will be 130 (2^1 + 2^7) - 1 for repeater, 7
for MAU.

> I asked Keith to do one of the following:
> 1. To explain what is a repeater and what's a concentrator or
> 2. To join them

> He choosed 2 for the sake of simplicity, if the wg doesn't like this
> solution so we must explain in the MIB what do we mean.

At the time you asked for the change, 'mau' was not inside, but 
'concentrator' was. Now we have 'mau' but 'concentrator' was left out.
On my opinion we should have either all three options defined,
or one single option like physicalLayerDevice to unify everything.
> --Pablo

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