Sue Haseltine <sue@wwtc.timeplex.com> Sat, 26 June 1993 00:58 UTC

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From: Sue Haseltine <sue@wwtc.timeplex.com>
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Subject: draft-ietf-chassis-mib-02.txt

Dear David;

At Timeplex we are currently building a device which we would like
to support the Chassis MIB.  When I receive new drafts of the MIB
I extract the data portions using an awk script & compile them with
mosy.  I also have other awk scripts which turn them into the formats
we use as a basis for our agents and to support testing via the ftp/snmp
product.  I have yet to find a published MIB which gets through all
of these with out error. Although I am sure there are many.

At this time, the latest version of the Chassis MIB (02) has significant
numbers of errors all easily correctable.  Some of them are caught by
mosy (version 7) and the others I caught by visual examination of the
mosy output.

One of the reasons I process draft MIBs is that it is easier for me to 
notice the differences between versions in "compiled" output.

If you are interested, I could send you a corrected and annotated
version of the MIB.  I must admit I don't care to have to make
the same corrections every time a new version is distributed.
I cannot guarantee that I catch everything, but it is a start.
I understand that while the MIB is in draft status it is of dubious 
value to be too fussy about details, but this only takes me a couple
of hours at the outside.