Chassis MIB Questions

Jerry Sidman <> Fri, 22 October 1993 00:37 UTC

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Subject: Chassis MIB Questions

To whom it may concern,

	I am currently working on a Fault Tolerant computer project for 
Motorola Computer Group. Part of my work has involved the design of a 
Configuration Management System (CMS) which monitors and controls hardware in
the system. All hardware devices which are hot removable have "locations".
These can range from CPU's to fan trays. At the start of the year I developed
an SNMP interface to the CMS. In many ways I found SNMP to be very limiting
but that could have been due to my ignorance of SNMP as I am quite new to
this area; anyhow that's another issue. What I am really interested in is the
fact that I have just seen an issue of The Simple Times where this group is
mentioned. From the fragments of information I have seen it would appear as
if this group may offer a MIB which would allow me to create a standard SNMP
interface to the CMS instead of a private one. Could you tell me if this MIB
is just in it formation stage or where I can get specification for it. I did
not see it listed in the rfc list in the Simple Times. If the MIB is still in
formation then I would be glad to contribute to the idea pool. As I said
earlier my knowledge of SNMP is quite new, but I have been designing fault
tolerant computers for six years, and I  would suspect that I have gone through
many similar thought processes on how to define a chassis and its contents.
I hope to here from you soon.


					Jerry Sidman.