Re: Working Group Status

Guenter Roeck <> Thu, 08 July 1993 10:28 UTC

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From: Guenter Roeck <>
Subject: Re: Working Group Status
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> final comments -- chassis MIB WG
> ---------------------------------
> Depending on what one wanted out of the chassis MIB in the first place,
> one can decide how close the current draft is to meeting those
> expectations. There seems to be two camps:
> 1) those who want to use the chassis MIB to retrieve inventory data
> and 'point' to other agents in the chassis
> 2) those who want to use the chassis MIB to manage arbitrary logical
> and physical entities within the chassis
> I don't think the two camps ever reconciled on the model because we
> never reconciled on the goals.
> I am in the first camp and think there is enough solid work there
> to achieve the stated objective. 

I'm in the first camp as well. Actually, when I reviewed the draft 
this week, I did not have the newest version; thus my mail earlier in
this week does not reflect my statement to the current MIB.
I don't know which one I looked into, but it is totally different
to the current one.

In the meantime, I checked the newest version as well.
I think it is just unusable for us; I don't know what a lot
of objects (and groups) are supposed to mean and how to implement
those objects, and furthermore there are a lot of groups I don't
know what to do with (in real life, not theoretically).

From our point of view, the MIB made a long step backwards
in the last two months.


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