Re: agenda for next week

Manu Kaycee <> Fri, 10 July 1992 23:12 UTC

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From: Manu Kaycee <>
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Subject: Re: agenda for next week

> The purpose of this meeting is to try to get the Chassis MIB WG
> started/restarted.
> All sorts of events have conspired to detract from efforts to get it started.
> A major contributor from Cabletron got reassigned.

I do, again, apologize for not being able to finish what I started.  Since,
the last IETF, added responsibility and work schedules have not allowed me
to provide the right attention.

Dave Arneson is now our chassis "guru", and main contributor.

> Another major contributor and one of the cochairs has been tied up with other
> standardization efforts such as (SMP).
> The other cochair has been ill for nearly a month but we are pleased to hear
> he is better.
> Finally, the members of the [non] working group seem to think that the
> mailing list is a readonly object.
> We will:
> 	1.  Reassess the interest in and commitment to this work and pull
> 	the plug if appropriate (we all hope not)
> 	2.  Try to put together a new time-action-plan for the work.

Despite our silence, and non-participation, we do firmly believe in
standardizing a chassis MIB.  We are committed and, as stated at the last
WG meeting, are willing to share implementation experience, etc.

We, Cabletron, do believe that such a MIB is required.  I would suggest
that we try to put together a new time-action-plan for the work.

> This may be a short meeting.  There is nothing to be read or said.
> Bob and Jeff

(Due to scheduling conflicts I will not be able to attend the first
three days.)