Re: 'Chassis MIB' WG Reactivation

Dan Romascanu <> Tue, 28 December 1993 06:59 UTC

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From: Dan Romascanu <>
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Subject: Re: 'Chassis MIB' WG Reactivation


I can prepare such a proposal. I suspect Dave Arneson and Peter Wilson
would also be interested in reactivating/updating their contributions
from the previous incarnation.

I would like to hear more comments about the scope/extend of the work.
On my opinion we failed in the previous tentative because the scope 
was not defined clear enough in the WG Charter and because too many 
thrilling events happened in the SNMP world in parallel for the few
real contributors to cope with.

What happens today in my opinion is that several companies implement
variants of the proposals which where submited during the activity
of the Chassis MIB WG and - because of the standard non-existing -
each has to deal in a proprietary way with implementations on the
'generic' management platforms.
Dan Romascanu (, LANNET Data Communications Ltd., 
Voice: 972-3-645-8414


	Do you have a "strawman" proposal for a MIB?

	/dave perkins, synoptics, 408-764-1516