Draft MIB questions

Joseph Zur <zur@fibronics.co.il> Wed, 02 June 1993 13:49 UTC

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Subject: Draft MIB questions


Regarding the last chassis MIB draft, We encountered a problem in
implementation of the power supply tables (power supply and power supply
Lets assume we have a power supply in the power supply table with
chasPowerSupplyDescr="Power supply, multiple outputs (+5v,-5v,+12v,-12v)".
In the chasPowerSupplyOutputTable we need to have 4 rows,one for each 

The problem is how one distinguish between +5v and -5v if the objects
chasPowerSupplyOutputNominalVoltage and chasPowerSupplyOutputOfferedVoltage
are gauges (non-negative).
I think that either the type of an existing object should change or
a new object should be added to this table.

Second, why is the type AutonomousType is being used in chasEnvironSensor
and not being used in chasPhyResType which is an OBJECT IDENTIFIER.
BTW no values are defined for chasEnvironSensor even though its says
in the description part of that object :"... However, this document
assigns those of known interest as of this writing."

--- Joseph Zur

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