Re: New overview text in Chassis MIB (Manu Kaycee) Tue, 13 October 1992 12:45 UTC

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From: (Manu Kaycee)
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Subject: Re: New overview text in Chassis MIB

> > Should I post the updated MIB to the mail list for review, or should we
> > generate an Internet Draft.  If we go draft what is the proceedure we need
> > to follow.
> Do I recall correctly that Bob was going to provide the text for including
> support for power supplies ?  Maybe this would be a good time to do that.
> As and when the text stabilizes, posting to the list seems appropriate.
> At that point, perhaps our chairmen would like to suggest how we proceed.  
> Keith.

I agree with Keith.  We've covered and, maybe, addressed, a lot of issues,
recently.  To that end, it would be a good idea to post it to the mailing