Re: Chassis Power Supply Group. (Was "" ;-) (Keith McCloghrie) Tue, 21 July 1992 06:58 UTC

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Subject: Re: Chassis Power Supply Group. (Was "" ;-)
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> Howdy,
> >2.I did not quite understand chasPowerSupplyStatus. When do you 
> >return empty(2)?  Are your slots the same as chassis slots? If yes 
> >you need not such a value, as the Chassis MIB would allow you 
> >defining Power Supply as a device (using chasEntityFunction in Keith's 
> >proposal) mapped on a slot.
> Yea, I didn't explain that one very well.  I know Donna and Keith's
> proposal put the power supplies into the chasEntityTable - treating
> power supplies like any other entity.  However, I like to idea of
> removing them from the chasEntityTable and putting power supplies
> is their own group.  It just seems to me that power supplies aren't
> like the other manageable components.  In most chassis I've seen
> the component slots and power supply slots even look completely different.
> Different sizes, grouped in different locations, etc.  Why group them
> in with things that have IP addresses, Parties, and Community Strings?
> Your chHWPSULocation fits well into the proposal where supplies are
> just another component in the entity table.  Do we want to stick
> with this proposal?

While it was Jeff Case who suggested adding 'power' as one of the values 
of chasEntityFunction, I think Dan's "would allow" phrasing is what is
intended, i.e., if the power supply is on a card in a regular slot, then 
it's important to reflect that in the chasEntityTable/chasSlotTable; 
if it's not on a card in a slot, then it need not be in the 

Since you raise the issue of Parties, IP Addresses and Community Strings, 
with the progression of SNMP Security RFCs, and the evolution of
S[N]MP, does anybody think we need to retain Community Strings and 
IP Addresses in the chasEntityTable ??