agenda for next week

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Subject: agenda for next week

Below is the agenda for the second meeting of the Chassis MIB WG.

See you there.

Chassis MIB WG -- WEDNESDAY, July 15, 1992  9:30-Noon

Bob Stewart

Jeff Case

Mailing List: to add/delete/modify

The purpose of this meeting is to try to get the Chassis MIB WG

All sorts of events have conspired to detract from efforts to get it started.
A major contributor from Cabletron got reassigned.
Another major contributor and one of the cochairs has been tied up with other
standardization efforts such as (SMP).
The other cochair has been ill for nearly a month but we are pleased to hear
he is better.
Finally, the members of the [non] working group seem to think that the
mailing list is a readonly object.

We will:

	1.  Reassess the interest in and commitment to this work and pull
	the plug if appropriate (we all hope not)

	2.  Try to put together a new time-action-plan for the work.

This may be a short meeting.  There is nothing to be read or said.

Bob and Jeff