Re: Comments on the latest draft

"David L. Arneson" <> Thu, 03 June 1993 15:53 UTC

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I have read your comments.  You are correct I have not edited the
power supply and sensors tables.  I know your idea that these are
resources and we should use that concept for these.  I'm unclear as
to what it buys us.  It seems that identifying power supplies as
resources over complicates the issue that doesn't need to be any more
difficult than making it just a module. 

I'm unclear what you mean by:

>Another advantage is that the output resource is now identified by
>it's location which it was not before. If a supply failed to deliver
>correct voltage and there were several 5V resources there was no way to
>know which had failed.

It seems you still have to look at the power supply table to determine
which power supply failed.  The physcial location of that power supply
is called out within the table.  What more information do we need?

If we are going to make power supplies resources than why don't we
define them such that they power specific modules.  So that the
power supply module 1 is used to power physical modules in specific
slots.  While another power supply powers other modules.  Or perhaps
one power supply generates 5 volt and another supplies 12 volts and
their outputs are used by some of the modules.  However this I feel
is alittle too involved.

/David Arneson