CHAS MIB: Multiple agents (Niels Ole Brunsgaard) Mon, 19 October 1992 10:19 UTC

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Subject: CHAS MIB: Multiple agents
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Bob Stewart <> writes:

>I was one who spoke up for multiple instances of the Chassis MIB.  In our new
>chassis, we'd have to go out of our way NOT to have them.  We will implement
>the chassis MIB along with the agent that goes in each of our devices, and we
>have no coordination among them as to who would have an only copy.  They get
>their information the same way, so would have the same information.  The
>benefit is independence and redundancy.  It makes no difference which one you
>talk to.

Same here. We build real products too.

	Niels Ole Brunsgaard.
	Cray Networks.
	Copenhagen, Denmark.