ChasConfigTable (Niels Ole Brunsgaard) Tue, 20 October 1992 07:21 UTC

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Subject: ChasConfigTable
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1) chasConfigTable

Why are chasConfigSlot, chasConfigEntity and chasConfigSegment read-write
and not read-only ?. My understanding of chasConfigStatus is that setting
it to valid(1) will create the row, and thus the indexes are set as an
implicit part of the row creation. Once the row is created it makes no
sense to write to these indexes as you are then moving the row. Am I
missing something ?.

2) chasConfigIndexType
Imagine a combined repeater/bridge entity that takes up one slot and
attaches to one segment. Thus it has one entry in the chasConfigTable.
Does chasConfigIndexType point to an interface or a repeater port in 
this case ? It seems to me that there should be an instance of 
chasConfigIndexType for each function defined in chasEntityFunction.

3) chasConfigIndexValue

If the entity in question is a repeater with multiple ports per
segment (fairly typical I guess), which port instance does
chasConfigIndexValue reference ?.