RE: Where do we stand

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I don't think (hope) we've made a decision at this point. We've only really 
had input from a couple of people, there were many more expressing opinions 
at the Columbus meeting, would any of those loke to comment. My real concern 
is for generic management applications. I know I can restrict my 
implementation is particular ways to make it possible for me to write a 
management application for my own implementation, for example if the many to 
many model is adopted I can still restrict my implementation to a many to 
one mapping and my application can know this.

My concern is for generic application, which I think these MIBs really need, 
which will have to cater for the full, general implementation of the MIB as 
applied to anyones device. I'd be very interested to hear the opinion of 
anyone writing generic applications and may want to support this MIB. Even 
with the many to one mapping it is difficult to present an easy to 
comprehend abstraction to a user.

I can see that there are benefits to the many-to-many mapping, but in some 
ways I'd prefer to keep the model simple so that people will be able to 
produce generic applications. I'd hate us to end up with a MIB that can only 
be used generically with a MIB browser!

If we do adopt a many-to-many mapping then I don't think we have the MIB 
mapping correct at the current time. It may be better to rethink the tables 
than tweak the existing ones.