Re: Chassis MIB

Bob Stewart <> Thu, 03 September 1992 18:09 UTC

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Subject: Re: Chassis MIB

>In my model of the Chassis MIB, every agent in the chassis provides a
>view of the Chassis MIB.

This should be allowed, expected, and not required.

>How about defining chasUpTime as the max value of all sysUpTime's in the

Shudder.  This has significant implications for the level of communication
among devices in the chassis.  Although I believe we can assume some, we
shouldn't assume full access to each other's full MIBs.  My model is of
loosely connected systems with some back-door communication channel providing
minimal information about what else is there.  A system that supplies the
Chassis MIB uses that channel to collect what it needs.  Anything that begins
to approach full MIB access should be handled by normal manager to agent

>I like Keith's scheme with indexType and indexValue. 

I like expensive sports cars and fancy vacations.  That doesn't mean I can
have them.  No one is addressing whether implementations can reasonably supply
such information.