Latest Chassis MIB Draft Mon, 10 August 1992 12:43 UTC

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Subject: Latest Chassis MIB Draft

How 'bout one more state for chasEntityAdminStatus:

    restoreToDefaults(5) - setting this object to this state
    restores all of its non-volatile parameters to their
    factory default state and resets the module (see reset(4)).

and for chasEntityOperStatus:

    nonFatalFailure(7) - indicates that the device's self-test
    has detected a non-fatal fault.  The device operates are less than
    a fully functional level in the presence of non-fatal errors.

which is useful if, say, one port of an 8 port terminal server is
broken.  And also for chasEntityOperStatus:

    needProgramLoad(8) - indicates that the device is waiting
    to be loaded.

    loading(9) - indicates that the device is attempting to load.

What is the intended use of chasEntityArgument?  I know it's described
as "implementation specific", but can someone give me an example or two?

The latest draft is a definite improvement.   Good job.