Plans for this year?

Dan Romascanu <> Wed, 12 January 1994 15:18 UTC

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Subject: Plans for this year?

>1. Did anybody implement the chassis mib? 
>   If so, I'd like to hear from you if you care to share your experiences.

We have implemented part of the initial Chassis MIB proposal in our
LET-18/36/10 agents by means of variables in our private space. We
do support mapping of resources relative to modules and connectivity
of modules and ports to networks on the backplane.
I think the initial model does not present any implementability 
problems if the managed box provides the means of conveying the
information to the box agent. We also implemenented management of 
hardware resources. However, we did not yet implement any of the
later refinements brought around the last meeting of the Chassis MIB
in Columbus.

Dan Romascanu, LANNET Data Communications Ltd., Voice: 972-3-6458-414