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1. I like your proposal for chasPowerSupplyDescr and chasPowerSupplyHealthText.

2.I did not quite understand chasPowerSupplyStatus. When do you return empty(2)?
Are your slots the same as chassis slots? If yes you need not such a value,
as the Chassis MIB would allow you defining Power Supply as a device 
(using chasEntityFunction in Keith's proposal) mapped on a slot.

In my proposal I had chHWPSULocation which merely refers to non-modular PSU's.
I assume that following your model, we might add modular in my enumeration. 
It would look like this:

      ACCESS  read-only
      STATUS  mandatory
      "Describes the location  of the PSU.
         internal(2) describes an internal non-modular PSU;
         external(3) describes an external non-modular PSU;
         modular(4) describes a PSU integrated in the modular slot structure 
      of the chassis."
      ::= { chHWPSUEntry 3 }

3.Concerning  chasPowerSupplyPlus5,chasPowerSupplyPlus15,chasPowerSupplyMinus15
I assume this information includes nominal values. 
I do not find this very useful. 
It is redundant and even might be included in chasPowerSupplyDescr.
Anyway, we cannot include all combinations here (what about -12V, +12V,etc.)

4. Your  chasPowerNPlusOne seems, well a little bit exotic for me. I would 
rather like to know for each row in the table if the PSU is active. 
  But maybe I do not understand well your model. In the example you give, the
two PSU's in the chassis would supply power in paralel?


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