Re: Talk about MIB

Geoff Thompson <> Fri, 09 July 1993 21:54 UTC

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        Reply to:   RE>>Talk about MIB 
<<As Pete Wilson stated I don't see any reason why we can not hold an
<<informal meeting to discuss the current MIB and where we need it to
<<transition.  Since we were all planning to meet at 1:30 on Wednesday
<<why don't we plan to meet at the same time.
<<I think the time would be best spent trying to understand where we need
<<to go with this MIB.  Perhaps we can organize a new working group closer
<<to November time frame.  This time we can be prepared with a MIB that
<<is almost finished.
<</David Arneson

>> Since we were all planning to meet at 1:30 on Wednesday
>> why don't we plan to meet at the same time.

>There will be no meeting relating to the Chassis MIB effort at
>Amsterdam.  I refer you to my message of yesterday which details the
>options open to the WG.  Meeting next week isn't one of them.


Your quote of David Arneson's message was taken out of context.  The complete
text is quoted above.  He clearly asked for an INFORMAL meeting.  I don't think
that there was any assertion that the result of any such gathering would have
greater weight than the sum of individual opinions.

Are you asserting that you get to decide whether folks of an interest group can
have an informal meeting on a common topic of interest at an IETF meeting?

Ifso, then there is a much larger issue being opened here about free speech and
the open use of mailing lists.  I think you are overstepping your authority.

Geoff Thompson