Re: Adding a 'chasEnvironSlotIndex' to the chasEnvironTable.

"David L. Arneson (" <> Wed, 30 December 1992 16:01 UTC

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Subject: Re: Adding a 'chasEnvironSlotIndex' to the chasEnvironTable.
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From: "David L. Arneson (" <>

>These objects are fine for 'chassis wide' sensors, like a sensor which 
>represents the temperature of the chassis.  But what of cases where there 
>are sensors within each module occupying a slot?  For example, what if 
>there were a temperature sensor on each module?  What each module had 
>built-in fans which were monitored using a 'sensorFans'?
>A new object could be added to this table to solve this problem.
>'chasEnvironSlotIndex' could be added to represent the slot in which the 
>sensor resides.  The ChasEnvironTable would then be indexed using both 
>chasEnvironIndex and chasEnvironSlotIndex.  chasEnvironSlotIndex could be 
>zero for 'chassis wide' sensors.
>						-Shawn

This sounds like a good idea to me, unless I hear complaints I will add this.
It is really no more difficult in the basic case and adds functionality for
those that need it.

/David Arneson