Re: Chassis MIB Proposal (Pablo Brenner) Thu, 13 August 1992 23:34 UTC

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From: (Pablo Brenner)
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Subject: Re: Chassis MIB Proposal (Dan Romascanu) writes:
> b. In the previous proposal repeater and concentrator were separated.
> I think it is more correct. I hardly can see why an FDDI concentrator
> should be described as a repeater.

The correction was made because dividing into repeater and concentrator
would be very confusing, the FDDI case is obvious but where would you
put a Token Ring MAU, it is of course a concentrator, but I guess it will
be hard to explain your customers that what they thought it was 
a multiport Token Ring Repeater is not a repeater any more but a 
Now how would you define an Ethernet HUB?, it is in fact a repeater,
but it's much like a MAU than a regular repeater, etc, etc....

I asked Keith to do one of the following:
1. To explain what is a repeater and what's a concentrator or
2. To join them

He choosed 2 for the sake of simplicity, if the wg doesn't like this
solution so we must explain in the MIB what do we mean.


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