Re: Chassis MIB comments

Kiho Yum <kxy@NSD.3Com.COM> Mon, 17 August 1992 23:20 UTC

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Subject: Re: Chassis MIB comments
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> >5) I like chasConfigIfIndex. For a device with 2 interfaces there
> >is currently no way of knowing which physical interface they map onto.
> However how much use is it if we have multiple instances of the interface
> group of MIB II?

What about a router with 3 interfaces, 2 connected to different internal 
segments and one connected to an external Ethernet.  I can imagine the 
interface group for that entity would contain three "rows".  Through
ifType, I could tell the external interface from the internal interfaces
(that reminds me, what value of ifType do we give the internal interfaces?
other(1) ?), but I don't know how to distinguish which interface is connected 
to which segment.

It seems chasConfigIfIndex solves this problem.  Or have I missed something?