Re: Chassis MIB comments

"David L. Arneson" <> Mon, 14 June 1993 13:02 UTC

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Let me make sure I understand what you are asking for.  It seems that
you want to list the resource seperate from any of the configuration

Second you want to make the mappings between modules/resource/entities
as many:many:many.  Based on this understanding I would support this.
I have felt that the relationships between resource and entities should
be many:many.  The first thing that it would provide is the ability
to seperate entities so that each entity can be managed seperate.  In
other words we no longer need a brouter component we can have seperate
bridge entity and router entity each managable in it's own right.  This
would seem like a big win to me.  

What to others think of the idea.

/David Arneson