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Geoff - this isn't a free speech issue.  It is unclear to me what you
mean by an "INFORMAL" meeting.

  - Meeting slots at an IETF meeting are controlled by the IETF
    Secretariat in coordination with the appropriate Area Director.  The
    Chassis MIB WG is not qualified to meet at Amsterdam.  My note
    specifically said that.

  - If some people want to meet in a hallway, a bar, or a restaurant, as
    long as they don't call it a WG meeting, that's fine.  My note did not
    prohibit that.

This latter kind of gathering is not an IETF meeting, as it is neither a
WG or BOF meeting.

If you wish to discuss this matter further, you can raise it at either
the NM Area open meeting (tuesday morning) or the IETF open plenary
(thursday evening).  If you still are not satisifed, there is a specific
appeals process available, which has been repeatedly published.  In
future, you might perhaps try following the procedure instead of
invoking the IETF chair and the ISOC president all in one shot.