Re: Two Weeks Without Mail ! (Manu Kaycee) Tue, 10 November 1992 14:46 UTC

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> Hi, 
> I have been away from the office and we have been disconnected from 
> Internet for the last 15 days. I am affraid all the mail sent to me
> meantime got lost. I would be grateful if somebody can send me the 
> relevant things which were sent to the list meantime.
> Thanks,

Recent entries in the archive index are:

	5 dated 10/19
	1 dated 10/20
	1 dated 10/27

So, it has been rather quiet of late.

Since I will not be able to attend the upcoming IETF, I'd like to raise the
issue on chasEntityFunction, which is currently defined as an INTEGER with
bit encoding semantics: each bit specifies a function such as routing,
bridging, etc. (There are other issues, but I'll leave them for others.)

It had been proposed that this be changed to type OID, which would specify
the entity function, or entity type. So, in the case of multiple entities
(called logical networking devices in the description clause of
chasEntityFunction) being realized on the same physical module, there would
be multiple entries in the Entity Table.

So, as the Chassis MIB currently stands, an Entity can have multiple functions,
but text in the Overview, and other sections, eludes to these multiple
functions being multiple entities. (Well, that is from my reading, and from
mail (and concerns) I've received privately from others.)

So, on behalf of other and myself, I propose that Entites not be allowed
to possess multiple functions, and they simply be deemed as individual